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The Solid Ground Newsletter is a newsletter (guaranteed 20 p.a) written by Russell Napier, Author of the Solid Ground global macro strategy report.

Russell Napier began writing his Solid Ground global macro strategy report for CLSA in 1995. He forecast what was to become the Asian economic crisis and was voted Asia’s No.1 equity strategist in all leading polls at that time. From 1999 to 2014 he continued writing and publishing but as a consultant for CLSA and regularly appeared in the research polls. Russell is a financial historian and his work features lessons from financial history with a particular focus on trends in money and credit. His book Anatomy of The Bear (published in 2006) forecast a major correction for the US stock market and, using the conclusions of the book, he wrote a report for CLSA called ‘Finding The Bottom’ , published in 1Q 2009, that forecast that the market had bottomed. For the past few years his work has focused on the growing evidence that the world is living through a breakdown in the global monetary system and advised clients to invest for such an outcome rather than invest as if we are living in just another business cycle expansion.